Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Music

Hey there everyone!

I'm back after another long hiatus. It wasn't intentional, but it happened, I guess. So without further ado, let my blogging begin again!

This is a short little entry, mostly looking for feedback from you, the reader! You may see something similar on my facebook, but that is only to make sure I get as many responses as possible.

I love Christmas music, and the time has come again to listen to it non-stop. I have a pretty hefty collection of Christmas music, but I love to add to that collection. So, I'm sort of curious as to what your favorite Christmas music is.

If I had to pick a some of my favorite songs (off the top of my head), I might mention these ones pretty quick:

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole
This is my favorite recording of this Christmas Classic. I get chills right off the bat with those perfect opening chords.

Why Can't It Be Christmastime All year - Rosie Thomas
This is song is fun. I discovered it last year (A free download! Amazing!) and I haven't forgotten it. I think you'll like it.

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? - Lena Horne
This song is in my top three favorite Christmas songs. This a fairly new recording for me, but it's a great one. I could listen to Lena Horne for days at a time, so couple her with one of my favorite songs and you've got a winner!

This is in no way, no way at all, a comprehensive list. Just three little songs I like. Well, I'm curious to know this:

What is your favorite Christmas Song?