Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Game Has Changed

I love Tron. In fact, I'm known at work, in certain circles, as 'Tron.' I think it's a really great movie, and a fascinating universe. Naturally, I'm really excited about the upcoming TRON: Legacy film.
As I mentioned earlier, the people I work with are well acquainted with my love for Tron, and when I got home today, I found a lovely e-mail from a coworker. I thought the story was so cool that I would share it with you all. I would do most anything to have one of these puppies.
I can't thank my coworker enough for pointing this out to me. It's getting my lightcycles all revved up for the movie!
p.s. Also, this video game look awesome too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Have Returned

My friends, I have been absent from your electronic lives for many months, and for this I apologize. However, I am pleased to announce my triumphant return to the world of Web Logging (or 'blogging' as many might say)! I have re-decorated the blog for this occasion, and will be posting many 'sweet nothings' in the near future. Please do your best to contain your excitement, and in the meantime, live long and prosper.