Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cultural Diorama - 6 Word Stories

This lanyard and pins are a symbol of my love for Disneyland, and more than that, a love of collecting. I haven't been collecting pins that long, but this set of pins, probably cost over $100 dollars. Additionally, these are not all my pins. Disneyland is such an important place in my life, and has been since I was young. This expensive hobby is is totally justified in my mind, because it lets me show what it is about Disneyland that I love. I actually really like collecting pins!

This here is Kevin. He is a nice guy. Kevin's moms name is Prim. I received Prim from a former girlfriend. Prim looks just like Kevin, only bigger. I gave Kevin to my former girlfriend. Somehow or another, we switched cats. I take care of Kevin, and she takes care of Prim. Prim and Kevin came with us to South Africa this summer. Prim has also been to Cuba. This little cat is my buddy. He is wearing a Santa hat, which I think is interesting. I love Christmas, and I love dressing this cat up. It's September and he is ready to go. You are all probably thinking I'm so strange right now. That's okay. I thinks that is representational of me. I have this weird thing with cats. I'm not embarrassed, nor can I explain it. I think they are strange and lovely.

This is probably something that everyone in this class can relate with. This is the first file folder I bought. It's huge and it is filled to the brim. I save everything that may of be some use to me. It's extremely heavy, and loosely organized, but it is all there. I hope I never lose this folder. I would probably cry. It has everything about Theatre Ed. It has syllabuses from 30 different classes. I have lesson plans I've created, or borrowed. It is stuffed with stuff from church, stuff from music classes, stuff from everywhere. It's a big part of my life. I'm an educational hoarder.