Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Parking

The parking situation here at MCC is a little aggravating. Well, there aren't really any design flaws or actual mistakes in the planning, it is just the people who park in the parking lots that get me all riled up.

It is set up like a standard grocery store parking lot. Each row of spots is a one way lane and they alternate direction every other lane. So already, space is cramped. They are one lane rows, and I think that they even squeezed them closer than normal to fit as many parking spots as they could (a lot of people need parking). Now what makes it worse is those gigantic F250's, Rams, Tundras, Titans, or whatever other big vehicle those 'Truck Nuts' are driving these days.

They don't pull all the way up into the spot, usually, and even when they do, the trucks stick out of the parking spots. That really isn't too bad if there is a Smart Car or even a Camry parked on the other side, but there usually isn't. Instead there is another equally huge truck! Now the ten feet that you had before is reduced to seven or eight feet. Now that is even alright for me, because I'm driving a Prius. I can squeeze through (I'm not sure about the next truck that comes through though. I would imagine that if it's 'balls' were big enough, they would just drive right through). It is when the pedestrians get involved that things start getting annoying.

Once the pedestrians park their cars, they get out and walk in the middle of the row. Smack dab in the middle my friends. They stay right in the middle until someone comes down the lane, at which point, they shift over about a foot to let you pass. My question is how am I supposed to pass when I've lost 3 feet of clearance because of these big trucks, and now you are taking up two more feet of clearance? It drives me absolutely bumper nuts! Now I have to slow down to about one mile per hour and squeeze through while I get looks from the pedestrian about how slow I'm going! Come on!

I'm not sure why they walk like that. I would think that because they drive down the same lanes I do, they would feel the same way and be courteous to a fellow motorist. Then I realized that those people are probably the people who parked the trucks. I hate trucks and I hate truck nuts. I'm going to put some Hybrid Ovaries on my Prius.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today?

Today was the first Election that I was eligible to vote in, and may I just say that this has been a very interesting election cycle. I'm kind of glad that this one was my first one. All of the excitement created by the candidates made me want to really inform myself about the candidates and the issues that were present on the ballot. It was an interesting and exciting past couple months.

So, before I tell my story, I need to say that I lost my wallet last Saturday, and I haven't found it. I had to go to the voting place without all my identification that I carry in my wallet. With that said, I will now tell you my story.

I was really bummed when I lost my wallet. Not just because I lost all my credit cards, ID cards, insurance cards, AND my Cafe Rio card that only needed one more stamp for a free meal, but I was also upset that I would have no ID to present when I go to vote. I wasn't going to be defeated however. I had my passport, a bank statement and several weeks worth of mail, and that would have to do. However, I was told something different when I got there.

For those who went to the polls, you know that you needed to present either a Photo ID with the address where you are registered (Drivers License, Military ID, etc.), OR two other items with your name and address on it (bank statement, utility/cable bill, voter registration card, official election mail, etc.). I have nothing that satisfied the first form of identification, and only one form of the second kind of ID. My passport, which required 17 different forms of identification to get, was no good (the passport should be the trump card of ID's). My passport combined with my bank statement was no good. Bummer.

I was sent to another table where I was given a 'Provisional Ballot.' Basically, I fill out a ballot, seal it in a manila envelope, and then submit it. By submit it, I mean put it in a plastic tub that came from Costco for further sorting. I was told that I would have to go down to the Recorders Office and supply the identification that I couldn't provide at the precinct. After I provide the ID, then my vote will be counted. A week after the election.

After the whole experience, I left with a 'I Voted Today' sticker. I kind of thought it should say 'I Voted...Today?' My vote wasn't counted in the Presidential election, and it wasn't counted in any of the other local stuff. It was kind of a practice run, a practice vote. Whatever.

All in all, it was a good experience. It was a little disappointing, not really voting and all, but it was good nonetheless. I probably won't go down to the Recorders Office, because all the propositions turned out without my vote. Had there been proposition or candidate had tied, I would go submit my vote, however I still believe I did my civic duty.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Urinetown the Musical

You may have read in a previous entry about my involvement in Mesa Community Colleges Fall Musical. The show is Urinetown the Musical and I played Bobby Strong, the young hero that leads the people to revolution against the oppressive corporation that forces the people to pay a fee to take care of their personal business.

We opened last Wednesday to a very excited au
dience and then performed again on Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and also a Saturday Matinee. I'm not going to lie, I was little worried about the show for a little while there. I mean, just a week ago, it seemed like we weren't going to make it. However, it really came together, and we turned out an pretty great show! We received a lot of praise and we had a good amount of people show up, considering that Urinetown is a show that not many people have heard of. It isn't Kiss Me Kate, or Oklahoma, or some other show that everyone knows, but it really did turn out to be a great show.

This has been my favorite show that I have done thus far. This show has always been one of my favorites, and when someone would ask me what my dream roles are, Bobby Strong would definitely be one of them. Now I've done it, and it really was a blast.

I'm a little sad now, however. There are no more rehearsals, so the time during the week I would spend rehearsing is now f
ree time. I'm not sure what to do with it. Also, it's going to be a lot harder to see all my new friends that I've made over the last few months. There is nothing left. It's a bit of a bummer. It happened so fast, and now it is over. But what can you do?

Also, the Choreographer put some clips of the show up. The recording quality is not that great, but you can watch them if you would like.

Run, Freedom, Run
Snuff That Girl