Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Food Guilt

I feel a heavy amount of food-guilt this morning.

I should clarify first that when I say "food-guilt," I don't mean that I feel guilty for having eaten too much food or too little food. I don't feel guilty for having eaten unhealthy or just plain bad food. What I mean is, I feel guilty when I eat food without my wife. You might say that the food-guilt is a result of food-cheating on wife--meaning when I eat food without her that I know she would want/love OR I eat food that we had agreed to get together, I feel terrible. I should also mention that food is a very very very very very very very important part of our marriage. I fell in love with her when she suggested that we "stuff" the dinner into our bellies, rather than get a box to take it out. That was our first date. Boy, I just love her thinking about that . . . anyway.

That being said, I feel a heavy amount of food-guilt this morning.

Last night, after a very productive rehearsal, Alicia and I went out separate ways (she went with some friends to pick up some food at JCW's to take to a friend). I stayed behind with some other friends, not really sure what would be happening next. I only knew one thing--imsohungryimgonnadie. We started throwing out of places to eat at. Initially, Mongo's stir-fry came up and I explained that we couldn't go their without Alicia because she would be so sad that we ate there without her (it was the last food we ate before we got engaged--also it's really tasty). Five minutes later, the choice was between Station 22 or Black Sheep Cafe.

It was hardly a choice. Black Sheep Cafe is a fantastic restaurant, and everyone wanted to go there. Our hunger had gotten too intense. We had to go, right away.

We sit down at Black Sheep Cafe, and I get this text (mind you, I haven't told my wife anything about my dinner plans--and yes she is called "Tuna Babay" in my phone):

1st lesson learned: Your wife knows everything.

2nd lesson learned: Always check with your wife if you are susceptible to food-guilt.

3rd lesson learned: Cheating on my wife might actually be slightly less worse than eating good food without her.

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