Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today?

Today was the first Election that I was eligible to vote in, and may I just say that this has been a very interesting election cycle. I'm kind of glad that this one was my first one. All of the excitement created by the candidates made me want to really inform myself about the candidates and the issues that were present on the ballot. It was an interesting and exciting past couple months.

So, before I tell my story, I need to say that I lost my wallet last Saturday, and I haven't found it. I had to go to the voting place without all my identification that I carry in my wallet. With that said, I will now tell you my story.

I was really bummed when I lost my wallet. Not just because I lost all my credit cards, ID cards, insurance cards, AND my Cafe Rio card that only needed one more stamp for a free meal, but I was also upset that I would have no ID to present when I go to vote. I wasn't going to be defeated however. I had my passport, a bank statement and several weeks worth of mail, and that would have to do. However, I was told something different when I got there.

For those who went to the polls, you know that you needed to present either a Photo ID with the address where you are registered (Drivers License, Military ID, etc.), OR two other items with your name and address on it (bank statement, utility/cable bill, voter registration card, official election mail, etc.). I have nothing that satisfied the first form of identification, and only one form of the second kind of ID. My passport, which required 17 different forms of identification to get, was no good (the passport should be the trump card of ID's). My passport combined with my bank statement was no good. Bummer.

I was sent to another table where I was given a 'Provisional Ballot.' Basically, I fill out a ballot, seal it in a manila envelope, and then submit it. By submit it, I mean put it in a plastic tub that came from Costco for further sorting. I was told that I would have to go down to the Recorders Office and supply the identification that I couldn't provide at the precinct. After I provide the ID, then my vote will be counted. A week after the election.

After the whole experience, I left with a 'I Voted Today' sticker. I kind of thought it should say 'I Voted...Today?' My vote wasn't counted in the Presidential election, and it wasn't counted in any of the other local stuff. It was kind of a practice run, a practice vote. Whatever.

All in all, it was a good experience. It was a little disappointing, not really voting and all, but it was good nonetheless. I probably won't go down to the Recorders Office, because all the propositions turned out without my vote. Had there been proposition or candidate had tied, I would go submit my vote, however I still believe I did my civic duty.


Janice said...

Good try! You put out way more effort than most! (Including me.)

Jayce said...

Hey Carson! I had to fill out a provisional ballot, too, because the Recorder's Office misspelled my last name. At first I was really disappointed that my vote would probably never be counted, but now I know that I did everything I wanted to/was supposed to/had the right to do. Even if they weren't counted, our votes still count. And it's really cool that we got to vote in this election!