Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Parking

The parking situation here at MCC is a little aggravating. Well, there aren't really any design flaws or actual mistakes in the planning, it is just the people who park in the parking lots that get me all riled up.

It is set up like a standard grocery store parking lot. Each row of spots is a one way lane and they alternate direction every other lane. So already, space is cramped. They are one lane rows, and I think that they even squeezed them closer than normal to fit as many parking spots as they could (a lot of people need parking). Now what makes it worse is those gigantic F250's, Rams, Tundras, Titans, or whatever other big vehicle those 'Truck Nuts' are driving these days.

They don't pull all the way up into the spot, usually, and even when they do, the trucks stick out of the parking spots. That really isn't too bad if there is a Smart Car or even a Camry parked on the other side, but there usually isn't. Instead there is another equally huge truck! Now the ten feet that you had before is reduced to seven or eight feet. Now that is even alright for me, because I'm driving a Prius. I can squeeze through (I'm not sure about the next truck that comes through though. I would imagine that if it's 'balls' were big enough, they would just drive right through). It is when the pedestrians get involved that things start getting annoying.

Once the pedestrians park their cars, they get out and walk in the middle of the row. Smack dab in the middle my friends. They stay right in the middle until someone comes down the lane, at which point, they shift over about a foot to let you pass. My question is how am I supposed to pass when I've lost 3 feet of clearance because of these big trucks, and now you are taking up two more feet of clearance? It drives me absolutely bumper nuts! Now I have to slow down to about one mile per hour and squeeze through while I get looks from the pedestrian about how slow I'm going! Come on!

I'm not sure why they walk like that. I would think that because they drive down the same lanes I do, they would feel the same way and be courteous to a fellow motorist. Then I realized that those people are probably the people who parked the trucks. I hate trucks and I hate truck nuts. I'm going to put some Hybrid Ovaries on my Prius.



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