Friday, October 16, 2009

Experiment: Isolated Moment

I have this desire to improve my creative writing skills. Honestly, I'm not sure how to go about doing that, but, I want to, and that is what I know. I going to try something a little different today, to force myself to write more descriptively.

I feel like life is made up of the time between moments. We go through life doing what we need to. I, for instance, wake up, shower, eat, go to work, go to school, do homework, and then go back to sleep. That is the basic outline of my life right now. Now, every once in a while, we have a 'moment.' These moments often pass us by, leaving us with a lot of unrecognized feelings and impulses. They often don't last longer than a few seconds, maybe a minute, but if you dissect these little occurrences, you can find they are chalk-full with 'experience,' sometimes even more full than an entire day in the life.

So I have decided to take one of these complex chunks of experience, and write about it, hopefully turning a thirty second event in to an interesting and descriptive passage, broken down into specific thought and feelings. We shall see. Okay, here it goes... Feel free to give any feed back...

My heart stopped. Then it shortly thereafter started to pound. Whoa. Hold up. Is this what I think it is? It can't be...can it? Well, it definitely touched my foot. I think. It at least it got near my foot. I mean, that had to be on purpose. It doesn't matter that our feet are covered by the blanket, I can still tell exactly where my feet are, so she couldn't have 'accidentally' bumped into them, right? Right...?


Oh who am I kidding, people bump feet all the time, and there is no reason why that shouldn't have just been a complete accident. I mean can I really be so- but wait a minute. If it was just an honest mistake, why didn't those two little blanket snakes move away? There was no acknowledgment that said 'tricky trotters' touched me, and no apology whatsoever. That can only mean one thing:

Wait a second, what are we watching? Oh that's right. Note to self: I'll be playing this back on TiVo tonight.

What it mean is that those sweet little tootsies did happen to meander into my personal space. They didn't just get lost on their way to the shoe store. Those suckers were meant to be there. They were placed...Oh crap. Oh dang. Oh crap dang. Now what?

Easy now, easy...

Aw come on! Smooth move, buddy. You just had to pick this critical moment to have a leg spasm. Complete opposite of gently making my presence known to the encroaching hush-puppies. Instead of saying, "Oh! I didn't see you there, but it sure is nice to run into you here! Do you mind if I stay a while," I now said, "Hi. Hi. Hi. Oh hi. I am SO excited. Also, I've never spoken with any other foot before. Ever. You're pretty..." That's going to be it.

Well, I guess I was right. Nothing. I blew it. Nothing left to do. Pulse returning to normal rate, attention returning to the televisi-- Wait!

It moved again.


Makenna said...

Dear Carson,
you remind me of someone else I know, a boy who played Charlie Brown bout 2 years ago :) Like brother like . . . brother I guess :) Miss your face and your brothers!

alando said...

hahahaha! great work buddy.